5 MUST-HAVE Oculus Quest 2 Accessories

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets ever made, with no wires, a powerful processor and great controllers, it serves us virtual reality gamers very well. However, there are still plenty of ways to improve it, and there are many accessories that fix the problems with the headset.

We are going through five (5) accessories that you MUST have for your Oculus Quest 2 headset to get the most out of your gaming experiences.

1. Controller Grips
The OQ2 controllers are very good in all aspects except one - they are quite slippery, especially when playing active games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip. To avoid this, we recommend getting controller grips - they provide a good surface to grip on and keeps your hands close to the controllers, whilst maintaining your in-game immersion.

There are three great options that we advise, from KIWI Design, VR Cover and MamutVR:

- KIWI Design's silicone grip covers are an excellent starter option of controller grips, whilst being still of high build-quality. They come with a PU leather strap as well for extra grip, stability and comfort. In our opinion, this is also the most sleek-looking design.
You can purchase these from Kronos Arcade for only $49.99!

- MamutVR's grips are of slightly higher build quality, being made of TPU, and are a little easier to clean, and are more comfortable. If you have a Quest 1 or a Rift S in your household, these grips can also be used for those headsets.
You will find these stocked from Kronos Arcade for $46.99!

- VR Cover's controller grips have a fantastic textured surface for gripping the controllers, as well as extra sweat-absorption in both the grip and the knuckle strap. There are two colour variants as well - Dark Grey and Light Grey, which both look great (our favourite is Dark Grey).
You can purchase these from Kronos Arcade for only $49.99!

2. VR Cover Cushions
After long sessions on the OQ2, it can start to get a little uncomfortable on your head. Further, if you're playing a very physical game like Beat Saber, the face from your face can drip all over you and not feel great.

Our favourite product to fix this problem is VR Cover's own VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2.
They're made from 100% cotton foam for maximum comfort, and can soak up a surprising amount of sweat. Lastly, they look good and are very easy to clean after your intense gaming sessions.
Kronos Arcade has this product for $39.99, in a 2-Pack!

3. A Headset Stand
Many of us (including the folks at Kronos Arcade) have been storing our OQ2 in the original box for many months; it doesn't particularly look great, and once you start adding accessories, the box can't seem to fit the headset in nicely.
We decided to mount the headset onto a stand, and it looks insane! You can show off your headset (and all its' accessories)

We stock this item here at Kronos for only $39.99. A great price to completely change the look of your room, to show your headset in style!

4. Gun Stocks
When you are shooting away in Pistol Whip, Onward, Superhot VR or your other favourite gun-game, it is best to be immersed into the game, to help hone your shots and improve your accuracy.
The best way to increase your immersion in these games is to add a gunstock to the original Quest 2 controllers. Most gunstocks will serve the basic function of adding a trigger, and some texture to simulate a real gun.

vr gun stock, vr gun, vr pistol

Our recommendation for a fantastic gun stock is the Snowfox V2 (as shown above).
It, of course, has a trigger and a great, textured grip on the handle. But, it also looks similar to a real pistol, and also has a unique slidelock mechanic to perfectly simulate reloading your pistol, making it even more realistic.

This solution will be perfect for anyone playing VR shooters who wants to level up their experience and accuracy just a little bit more.

Kronos Arcade has two colours available (Domino and Black Widow), for both right and left-handers. If you're feeling particularly in the mood for non-stop gun-gaming fun, you can get one for each hand.
You can get one gunstock for $59.99, or two for $114.99.

vr gun, vr gun pistol, vr pistol grip, virtual reality gun

5. Headstrap
Like we mentioned with the VR Cover Cushions, the OQ2 can get uncomfortable after gaming for a long session, and can hurt your head. Furthermore, the stock strap on the headset is decent, but is missing some extra functionality and versatility to different head sizes.

Esimen's adjustable headstrap for OQ2 sought to fix these problems, and it does. It adds extra leather cushioning to the back of the headset strap for a massive improvement to overall comfort, along with a dial to effortlessly adjust the OQ2 to sit on your head comfortably and securely.
It is also easy to install to your Quest 2, with a buckle system so you can get straight back into gaming!

For just $59.99, you can completely change the way your headset looks and feels as you play.

For the question of the day - what accessories do you have for your Oculus Quest 2? If you had to recommend one to a friend, which one would it be?

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page - we would love to hear you thoughts!

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