Is This The Most Comfortable Cover Kit for Oculus Quest 2? VR Cover Facial Interface Kit Review.

VR Cover recently brought out a full facial interface kit for the Oculus Quest 2. Essentially, it is multiple products in one set that aim to keep your face as comfortable as possible whilst you are gaming in your headset. It contains a lens protector, two foam replacements and a new facial interface.
Is it the most comfortable kit we've ever tried? We tested it to find out.

First in the set is the foam replacements. Oculus has been in trouble in the past from multiple countries for the stock foam cover inside the headset causing itchiness. After using the headset for long periods it starts to ache your face.
The foam replacements are super easy to attach to the new facial interface (which we will cover in a second), and are really comfortable to wear. What's more - you get two of them in the kit, so the first one can be replaced after it eventually deteriorates. The one downside is that due to its thickness, it causes your face to sit further away from the screen, reducing FOV (field of view) slightly. However, this difference in FOV is minimal, so many may not consider this to be a problem.
vr cover oculus quest 2 foam replacement
The second part of the kit is the facial interface replacement. It is extremely similar to the stock facial interface, with the primary difference being the silicone nose flap. The idea behind it is to block your eyes from seeing outside the headset, past your nose, which can filter in unnecessary light, ruining immersion. We found it to be effective for the most part, however the shape of your nose can affect its usefulness. People with longer noses (like my own) may still see a little bit of light outside the headset, whereas people with wider or flatter noses should be in complete darkness and immersion. 


We did also notice that the VR Cover facial interface feels a lot sturdier than the stock interface. If you dropped your headset, the inside interface would probably withstand a much tougher beating (although we didn't test this ourselves - we care about our VR headsets). It also ensures the clips securely slot into the inside of the headset, which stops the facial interface from moving around during use.

Finally, there is the lens protector. It is a pretty standard lens protector, that covers both lenses with no gaps for any dust to fall into. It is a bit awkward to place inside the headset, but once in, it will stay in and do the job well.

vr lens protector oculus quest 2


- Foam is very comfortable and high quality
- Light blocker does well to block light for a majority of users
- Facial interface is sturdy, and stays clipped into the headset
- Lens protector covers the lenses well

- Foam is incredibly thick, so your face will be slightly further from the lenses, reducing field of view

If you're interested in purchasing this item, Kronos Arcade supplies it for $44.99 - use the link below to check it out. And let us know what you think of the product too!

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