The ULTIMATE Oculus Quest 2 Gift Guide (2021)

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most sold VR headsets ever made, quickly reaching 4.6 million units sold within 9 months of release. It's one of the most powerful headsets on the market, and best of all - it's completely wireless. It's a hot gift item that's popular around the world, but comes with some issues. With problems in the headstrap, controllers and facial interface, there are several ways to improve your experience with the Oculus Quest 2.

We've put together a guide of various gifts you can get for yourself or a fellow Quest 2 lover, as we come closer to Black Friday and Christmas shopping periods.

Quest 2 Headstraps

The Quest 2's original strap is uncomfortable after prolonged use, and may be difficult to adjust to fit around your head optimally.
Kronos Arcade's Elite Headstrap provides comfort at the back for a better fit, as well as a dial on the back to easily adjust the headstrap to be snug around your head.This headstrap will last far longer (as much as 5x longer) than the stock strap, as the headstrap and the cushions are made from high quality plastics, and premium leather, respectively.

Quest 2 Controller Grips

The Quest 2 controllers are quite large and slippery, making it difficult for some users to grip them effectively. There are many brands of controller grips that solve this issue well.
We've found the MamutVR Controller Grips to be quite effective in this regard, as probably the most comfortable grips on the market currently due to their make of premium stitched leather. As an added bonus, these are the only grips on the market to work both for the Quest 2 controllers, and the Oculus Touch controllers for the Rift S and Quest 1.

Quest 2 Storage Solutions

As you store your Quest 2 headset, you'll want to keep it either secure, or stored to show off your prized headset to your friends. We prefer the latter option, and so we like mounting our Quest 2's on a mounting station. Kronos Arcade's VR Headset Mounting Station provides a solid, durable plastic platform to hold your headset high, whilst keeping it immediately accessible for you to immediately jump into your favourite game.

Quest 2 Facial Interfaces

Possibly the most uncomfortable part of the Oculus Quest 2 is the facial interface - the stock foam is quite thin, and has been the subject of a mass recall as some users experienced rashes and itchiness.

VR Cover's Facial Interface Kit fixes this with PU leather foam replacements, which make the headset way more comfortable for extended use, as well as absorbing more sweat. As it is made of leather, it can be cleaned easily with wet wipes.
The kit comes with a new facial interface (where the foam replacements attach to), which allows for fresh air to flow through the headset to keep your face cooler.
The final part of the kit is a simple lens protector, which keeps out any dust from sitting on the lenses, as well as preventing any possible sunlight damage from sun exposure.

Optional Quest 2 Accessories

There are some other accessories you can purchase to bolster your VR experience, depending on what you use it for.

For avid shooters, you might find you'll need some pistol grips, to add immersion and improvement to your aim in various games like Onward, POPULATION: ONE and Pistol Whip.
The Snowfox V2 is the most realistic pistol grip we've seen, with a textured handle and even a slidelock to simulate reloading.

For those who want to try out some Steam games on your PC, you might find an Oculus Link Cable to be extremely helpful. This cable connects your Quest 2 to your PC to allow desktop games, that aren't available on Quest 2's, to be played (such as Half Life Alyx, Skyrim VR, Borderlands 2 VR, and Blade and Sorcery).
Kronos Arcade stocks both a 3 Metre cable, and a 5 Metre cable, which are all nylon-braided for added strength and durability.

Quest 2 Games

Every month, VR games are being released on the Oculus store. Here are a few must-haves from a range of different genres:
Genre Game
Rhythm Beat Saber --> Buy Here

Pistol Whip --> Buy Here

Superhot VR --> Buy Here


Combat Sairento VR --> Buy Here
RPG Until You Fall --> Buy Here
Puzzle I Expect You To Die 2 --> Buy Here

The Climb 2 --> Buy Here

Sport Scramble --> Buy Here

Story-Based Vader Immortal --> Buy Here
Casual/Simulation Job Simulator --> Buy Here


Let us know what you need to be gifted, or what you'll gift your friends, whether it be a birthday or Christmas. We'd love to hear from you!

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