3 Ways To Improve Your Home VR Setup

We've all got our little virtual reality setups in the home, where we go to our happy place to play some VR.
But, of course, we could all improve our setup in some form or another, whether it comes to cable management, gear, audio, space, or storage of the headset.

Here are three ways we found that you can improve your home VR setup to make it just that little bit better:

1. Headset Mount
Virtual Reality headsets will always come in a box, but unfortunately those boxes are never stylish enough to keep your headset in forever.
The best solution to this is a universal headset stand, that can mount any headset, from an Oculus headset, to the HTC Vives' or even a Playstation VR.

The stand cleanly holds your headset so it looks good, and helps you show off to your friends. Best of all, you can easily take your headset off it and immediately start your VR gaming session again, and of course, put it right back on when you're finished!

Your headset will sit firmly on the middle plate, while your controllers can hang from the two side hooks for easy, clean-looking storage and showcasing of your precious headset.

We stock this item here at Kronos for only $39.99. A great price to completely change the look of your room, to show your headset in style!

2. Game Poster
As gaming in virtual reality is still a relatively-new form of entertainment, we noticed the severe lack of posters that show off your favourite VR games (as opposed to regular computer and console games).
We here at Kronos Arcade decided to create our first poster, showing off VR's most popular game to date - Beat Saber!
The poster has a clean, matte finish with a fantastic, clear design showing Beat Saber's famous blue and red blocks, and the sabers too!
Coming in an A1 Size, it will be hard to miss, and will certainly level-up your home setup to help you show off your love for VR to your friends.

You can pick up the poster here:

3. Cable Management - Kiwi Design
Most VR headsets today still have (or are able to have) a cable attached to the back so you can plug into your PC.
It is important for the headset cable to be mounted so it doesn't get in the way, and doesn't tangle you up in a big mess that could lead to a broken headset or broken legs :(
Fortunately, no one does VR Cable Management better than KIWI Design, and so we've partnered with them to provide their best cable management system to protect you and your headset's cable.

The 3-Pack system allows you to mount the cable to your roof in three different spots to keep the cable very high, and out of the way so your in-game immersion is maintained.

Kronos Arcade stocks this product for only $34.99, in two colours of either white or black:

With that being said, let us know what your VR setup is like. Do you mount your VR headset? Or maybe you have some posters showcasing your love for VR. We'd love to hear!

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