5 Best Party Games for Virtual Reality

Anything can be done in virtual reality, which makes it so great for birthday parties or just general get-togethers where you need something fun for everyone. 
There are countless fantastic games in VR that  
The games we picked are quick, rotational games where 5-10 minute turns can be played to make sure everyone at any party gets a turn, and gets a taste of something they will enjoy. Whether you’re at a VR arcade, or you’re buying or renting out a headset, these games work for any event. 
1. Beat Saber 
Beat Saber is a rhythm game with lightsabers – think Guitar Hero – but slicing blocks to the beat of music. This game is quick but addicting, as it is satisfying beating blocks to songs. With custom songs, you can even do this to modern, everyday songs that everyone knows.

2. Fruit Ninja
This is a VR version of the classic and hugely popular mobile game ‘Fruit Ninja’. It contains similar modes to slice fruit – Zen, Classic, Arcade and Survival. This game is particularly good for parties where you want some competition, due to the leader boards within Fruit Ninja.


3. Space Pirate Trainer
Firing lasers at robots flying in space is very satisfying and simple, and that’s all that Space Pirate Trainer is about. This game also has leader boards, and is a game that can be learnt in about 30 seconds. 

4. Pistol Whip 
Pistol Whip is the baby of John Wick and the Matrix, with a gun, and a whole lot of enemies to take down to the beat. Just make sure to dodge the bullets of your enemies, while you whip on them.

Hoops VR
Hoops VR is a simple, but addicting basketball game, where you must score in the hoops as many times as you can within 45 seconds. Getting a streak of hoops can double or even triple the amount of points you get, so be accurate!


If you’re in Sydney, Australia and you need a VR headset to try out some games, Kronos Arcade has the tools to help you. We particularly specialise in parties, corporate events, community events and more. 
We have all of these games available for you to try out for your event (excl. Beat Saber) - we'll come to you and make it happen.
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